2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman

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Taken from RSportCars.com (http://www.rsportscars.com/eng/cars/s_clubman.asp)

The wraps are now off the new Mini Clubman, an all-new addition to the Mini model range. With an anticipated international debut this fall, the Mini Clubman will go on sale in Europe this November in three model configurations: the Mini Cooper Clubman, the Mini Cooper D Clubman and the Mini Cooper S Clubman. In the US market the Mini Cooper Clubman and the Mini Cooper S Clubman will be available early next year. There are currently no plans to offer the Diesel units in the US market. Although US pricing has yet to be announced, the Mini Clubman is expected to be positioned between the Mini hardtops and Mini convertibles.

The unique character of the Mini Clubman is obvious at first sight. The roofline of the car extends across all three pillars, merging smoothly into the rear section where the innovative, split-rear doors open. The rear doors are further highlighted with the C-pillars painted in a contrasting silver or black finish. Inside, the generous luggage compartment may be further extended in flexible configuration, offering very easy and convenient loading options thanks to the two rear doors. In addition, the Mini Clubman incorporates a rather ingenious door configuration on the right side of the car. The "Clubdoor" swings open in the opposing direction relative to the main passenger door to dramatically increase the access to the rear seating area.

Maximum Efficiency, Maximum Performance

Although it will not be available on the US models at the time of launch, the Brake Energy Regeneration feature ensures that the output coming from the engine is converted primarily into drive power, with electricity being generated for the on-board network only when the engine's drive power is not in demand; for example, when the car is rolling freely in overrun (engine braking) or during application of the brakes. To achieve this effect, the alternator is automatically disengaged from the engine while under power, that is when accelerating and pulling the car. Accordingly, the power that the alternator would consume and take away from the engine in the conventional mode now remains fully available for even more efficient and dynamic acceleration. An adequate supply of electric energy to the on-board system is ensured at all times, since the alternator is activated again as soon as the engine's drive power is not in demand or the driver applies the brakes.

In terms of spirited motoring, the Mini Cooper S Clubman boasts a 1.6-liter four-cylinder power unit developing maximum output of 175 bhp at 5,500 rpm with the help of a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct gasoline injection, the Mini Cooper S Clubman offers maximum torque of 177 lb-ft all the way from 1,600 to 5,000 rpm, with a further brief increase to an even more significant 192 lb-ft by means of the Overboost function. On the road, this accelerates the Mini Cooper S Clubman to 60 mph in just 7.3 seconds and gives the car a top speed of 139 mph. The Mini Cooper S Clubman offers not only impressive performance, but also an exceptionally good economy, with average fuel consumption in the EU test cycle of just 6.3 liters/100 kilometers or equal to 44.8 mpg imp. At the same time the Mini Cooper S Clubman also achieves a CO2 emission rating of 150 grams per kilometer.

The Mini Cooper S Clubman is equipped standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. The six-speed automatic transmission is available as an option featuring a sport-tuned manual mode that allows the driver to select gears by means of paddles on the steering wheel.

More than 40 Color Combinations

Motoring in a Mini is more than just getting from A to B - it is an expression of ones' lifestyle - a genuine attitude towards life. In particular, it is the focus on the enjoyment and experience of driving combined with an appreciation of powerful, trendsetting design. The Mini Clubman now offers the enthusiast even greater options in personalizing her or her style, with more than 40 combinations of the exterior paintwork alone. A perfect example of this is "Hot Chocolate", a unique brown metallic color exclusive to the Mini Clubman. In all, the Mini Clubman is available in no less than 12 body colors - three non-metallic colors Chilli Red, Pepper White and Mellow Yellow, as well as metallic colors in Astro Black, Sparkling Silver, British Racing Green, Pure Silver, Lightning Blue, Nightfire Red, Dark Silver, Laser Blue and of course, Hot Chocolate.

Freedom in Interior Design

With the interior, the Mini Clubman customer can choose his or her individual design, combining four interior colors and five Color Line variants with one another as desired. The seats are available not only in standard upholstery, but can also be chosen in a combination of cloth and leather as well as all-leather upholstery in a variety of styles and color schemes.

Like the new generation of Mini hardtops, the Mini Clubman is the result of a modern interpretation of the classic Mini versions. Yet at the same time, the concept is independent and innovative, taking in account the thoroughly modern demands of today and the unique needs of Mini's customers. Given its wide range of qualities, the Mini Clubman paves the way into a totally-new market segment, offering new opportunities for the Mini brand and once again underlining Mini's leadership in the premium small car segment in terms of vehicle concepts, technical innovation and expressive design.
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It's stupid! Should have the reverse doors on both sides, not just one! And the way the trunk opens? It's a MINI, not a moving van, it should just open like the regular MINI.