Looking for help with several issues

2009 X6 e71 6 cyl 95K miles

I am hoping to tap of the knowledge of people smarter than me.

I have several annoying fault codes in my X6.

1) 2A19 not present - tank venting valve
I normally rely on YouTube for some coaching but I am not finding anything relevant to the e71. I can't find a clear photo of where in the engine bay this valve is located

2) Sine - Siren and tilt sensor ==. sine internal battery

3) RFK reversing camera ==> A811 not present. RFK transport mode active.
I don't understand what this is telling me. My reversing camera works, or is this referring to something else?

4) TCU fault ==> bluetooth aerial
My bluetooth works fine. I use BT in the vehicl for phone calls

5) Can communication analysis ==> A566 not present ==> FFFF cansys communication fault

Lastly, not fault related but my hatch operates very lazy, sometimes I have to force it up and open. Where do I start troubleshooting?