No spark situation, no codes


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Hey all, I'm new to this forum! well, I have a no-spark issue, this vehicle has had a lot replaced vvt shaft and motor, plugs, coils, wires, injectors, and HPFP all recently. Anyway, I have a no-start situation that I can not figure out. seems like the DME may be disabling the spark. I originally had a vvt prob, ( no movement) seems to be fixed as I can hear it move, I also relearned stops. heard it more and it sounded fine. I have a problem with the c6 injector and plug. ( water getting down in there) so I just replaced all 6 injectors, plugs, and coils. I knew my HPFP was going out, pressure had been decreasing for a while. so, I put one of those in. Now I have no spark, I've had the DME tested by ECM Pro. All seemed good there. I replaced the Integrated Power Supply Module ( with a cheap one from eBay) because I didn't want to just toss more expensive parts at it. same deal, no start. I pulled a plug and saw it wasn't sparking, I noid light tested the ignition harness and got nothing. I have zero codes for the engine

I have a transmission code 4ECA ( parking lock)
I have a transmission warning on the screen ( position P may not be available) I think this is due to me having the car in neutral. the trans is disengaged under the vehicle.

I am at a loss. any ideas of what I should check?