Price gouging on repairs?!


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Hi, I am wondering if anyone on here has experience with their rear driver tire blowing and messing up the sensors. (which are located above that wheel well) I have a 2018 X5 with 60k miles on it and it drives beautifully. I had a blow out but still was able to drive 10 miles to a parking lot and have my car towed. The censors are messed up and BMW wants $5k to fix them and a few other things they found that I need to get done which seems like insanity to me! I'm a single female and feel like they think I will pay without asking questions, but the prices are crazy. I uploaded their quote and I see from other forums some of these parts cost less than $40. I live in Tulsa and this is the only dealer for 150 miles. Any suggestions for how I negotiate with them or where else I can take it? These prices seem criminal!