paint & body shop recommendations in dallas?


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dallas, tx
Someone hit my 3 series BMW today while it was in the parking lot of a grocery store and left the scene without leaving a note. The culprit scraped the entire passenger side and left some dents as well. This is my first BMW and it has never been in an accident. My insurance company recommends that I have it repaired at Service King in Plano (but I can take it anywhere I want). Any good or bad experiences with Service King?

I want to take it to a body shop that specializes in BMWs so that my car looks as good as new (perfectly matching paint, etc.) Can anyone recommend a body shop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that does high quality work on BMWs? I have heard that GTI in Euless and Stuart's on Plano Road are good. I can't find the phone # for GTI (are they still in business?). If I take it to the BMW dealer (John Roberts, Classic or Moritz), who does the actual body work?

Any and all leads are greatly appreciated!