Reunited BMW Lover


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Back in 1998, I bought my first BMW (89' 325i). It was the best car I had ever driven...well until my brother took out a semi's front axle system out with it. The insurance company said it was totalled, but I had it rebuilt. Well after a few years she was starting to nickel and dime me so I sold her. (worst day of my life) I ended up getting a Honda Accord, not bad but it still wasn't a bimmer. 5 years of driving a 4-banger finally got to me so i started searching for a new BMW. Guess what crossed my path....a 2002 BMW M3 w/ SMG transmission, Navigation, FULLY guess how much, by the way it only has 42k miles. come on guess...guess again...only 19,595 after tax, title, and license. So as of 12/1/06, I can proudly say I am reunited with a BMW. dam its good to be back! I will post some pictures soon. brief description: Titanium Silver Ext./Gray int./Bald rear tires.

please post any comments!