Screen and Idrive


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I really need your opinion on this
My car in in garage for a steering rack replacement, which as you know it cost a lot
I did not have an option but to take it to repair
They called me the next day to say that they have fittited the steering rack but for some reasons cannot program it
So they said it might be the programming switch so it will cost an extra £500 on the labour only , so left with out an option I said ok , replace that too
The next day they said that the programming of the steering rack has been done now that the program switch has been changed but the screen and the idrive have stopped working!!!!
They say that the screen had been replaced before but I have had the car for a long time and screen and idrive never had a problem and were working fine
I don’t know what I need to do
I asked them that I expect the car and all the working components to be in the same working order as they were before they worked on my car
Am I right to assume that they have messed up with sth , don’t know wrong part , or not fitted correctly then leaded to screen and idrive to stop working
Should I held them responsible, or not
If I new that the changes were 50/50 so when you take your car for repair some other parts will stop working then I would have not bothered
Your advice please