Sean Connery's BMW 635 CSI for sale on eBay

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It's not the car you'd expect to see James Bond rolling in, but this beautiful alpine white BMW 635 CSI was once the pride and joy of Sean Connery, arguably the best Bond ever.

The car is now up for sale on eBay in the UK and, according to the seller's description, the Scottish actor was the only owner. The car was sourced from Marbella in Spain and has only covered 27,000 miles while it was registered. In 1998 it was picked up by a Lancashire BMW dealer in the UK where it has been sitting, pampered in a showroom ever since.

To ensure the new owner doesn't run into the same problems George Costanza did when he though he bought Jon Voight's old LeBaron in that famous episode of Seinfeld, the 635 comes with the full Spanish Registration Document bearing Connery's full details as well as the car's. It's good to see such a fine actor has great taste in automobiles, too.

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What a classic... always dreamed to have one of them since I was 18 ( driving age where I come from...)
A pizzeria owner in Bastogne Belgium had one with an "M" preparation... I would say late 70's, early 80's.

Till this day, that is my speed record on open highway: 160mph Awsome![bmwdance]