Hello everyone. I have a 2011 x5 50i with 80,000km. Love this vehicle. Has anyone ever spilled liquid on their centre console where shifter is? I did. Supposedly I shorted out my transmission control module. I had every code possible alerting on my vehicle. A local tech took my console apart and was able to clean and dry parts out. Vehicle has thrown codes only once since. Part costs about $2000cdn which is pretty pricey. Any suggestions?? Has anyone had this happen??

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I've done it before in my MB. Thankfully it was still under warranty as it shorted out my radio knob. Problem with BMW parts in general is that it's really expensive and you can only order from a dealer.
Almost seems like a design flaw. Sucks. My mechanic cleaned everything and out it back together and so far no issues but I dont think I can trust it.

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