Vancouver BC BMW meet


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A bunch of BMW owners are getting together to do the Duffy on May 15. If your're in the area feel free to join us. More details can be found here.

Where speed tax collectors fear to tread? While we can’t guarantee anything, we’ve never seen any on this road. It’s easy to see why they’re afraid of debasing this DH with their presence. The power of this challenging road is obvious from the moment you embark upon the long, corkscrew climb out of the Pemberton Valley. As you venture into the spectacular mountains of the Cayoosh Range, the barrage of curves is intense. They don’t let up when you pass along the dramatic shoreline of Duffey Lake, or even in the final section where you’ll be awestruck by the spectacular, winding canyon descent to the town of Lillooet. True, engineering can be quirky and pavement quality can vary markedly from one season to the next. However, it’s simply impossible to resist the combination of zero development, sensational scenery and endless, diverse twisties.